Pie Making Class 3/19 - Handpies!
Pie Making Class 3/19 - Handpies!

Pie Making Class 3/19 - Handpies!

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Let's get ready to CRUMBleeeee! Our Pie Making Class teaching you how to make our best-selling item: Handpies!

Our signature Handpies - with two layers of flaky crust, crumb and filling - were created back in 2018 during our first Market season. Our whole pies were great, but people also wanted an easy-to-eat, portable pie! With a gentle nude from our friends, Coffee Roboto, came a wonderful idea...

I was still baking out of my home kitchen, so I utilized a cereal bowl as a shape to cut out dough, spooned some filling on it, covered it with crumb and crossed my fingers at Market hoping they'd do well. They did.... and a legend was born! Today, they're our best selling item and now you can learn to make them! (With a method that's evolved past the cereal bowl.)

In our hands on class, you'll learn how to make each component that goes into these delicious Handpies:

  • Making dough for a butter crust, rolling it out and crimping
  • Pie filling
  • Crumb 101
  • Baking tips

While the handpies are baking, you will enjoy freshly brewed Evans Brothers coffee and a sampling of pies from our current menu.

You'll go home with six handmade handpies ($34 value), still warm from the oven and say "it really was easy as pie."

Class runs from 6-9pm at our shop: 504 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene.

Get ready to have some fun, roll up your sleeves and roll out the dough! Please bring an apron. All other materials will be provided.

**For the health and safety of everyone, please consider wearing a mask during the instructional portion of the class. If you or anyone you've been in contact with has recently experienced COVID symptoms, please reschedule by emailing info@beanandpie.com**